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Travel Health Clinic

Full range of travel vaccinations available including Hepatitis, Meningitis, DTP and Malaria Prophylaxis

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Vaccinations Clinic

Season flu jab and nasal flu jab available, we also offer HPV, Shingles and Pneumonia vaccinations

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General Health Clinic

We offer treatments for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Hayfever, Adult Asthma, Psoriasis and Chlamydia

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Men’s Health Clinic

We offer private and confidential treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Hair Loss

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Women’s Health Clinic

We offer private and confidential clinic for Period Delay and Combined Oral Contraception

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Travel Clinic Coventry, Health Clinic Coventry

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic is a small independent private clinic looking to provide an alternative route of access to various healthcare services. We provide a private and confidential appointment base service for our patients looking to cater to individual needs with a personal touch. Our aim is to innovate and bring patients a completely different model of private pharmacy care providing overall better health care access.

Some of the services we offer are not available with your GP on the NHS like certain travel vaccinations and malaria tablets. Some services may be available but unfortunately it can be difficult to obtain an instant appointment or even a convenient appointment to suit your work or life schedule. Trusted Health Clinic Coventry.

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic look to help bring health care services to you at flexible times, cost effective prices and overall convenience. You can call and speak to our pharmacist directly to get health advice and our pharmacist looks to form a personal relationship with you and ensure your healthcare needs are met with the private services we offer.

Travel Vaccinations & Malaria Tablets

Malaria Tablets Coventry

Looking for malaria tablet in Coventry? Coventry Health & Travel Clinic offers a full range of travel health services with various vaccinations and malaria protection tablets. We look to offer these at flexible times to cater to your personal demands, and we look to provide services at great prices. We help you with all the information you need to ensure you are safe on your travel destination, all you need to do is call us and let us know where you are travelling to. We utilise evidence based websites to determine which vaccines are required, and then ensure we give you competitive prices to ensure you save as much money for your holiday. Get in touch with the number one Travel Clinic Coventry has to offer.

HPV vaccination

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus associated with genital warts and certain cancers in both men and women. Coventry Health clinic offers HPV vaccination for women aged 12 to 45 years old and men aged 12 to 26 years old. We offer Gardasil vaccine that protects against HPV types 16 and 18 which causes majority of cervical cancers and HPV types 6 and 11 that cause the majority of all genital warts. We also offer Gardasil 9 vaccine that contains an additional 5 HPV types. The HPV vaccination requires three doses to complete the course, and we look to provide HPV vaccination at flexible appointment times to suit your needs.

Flu Vaccination

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic provides seasonal flu vaccination to protect against influenza and we provide both the flu injection for adults as well as the nasal spray for younger children. The seasonal flu vaccination protects you against the flu virus for that year and you require one annually. Flu jab is available free of charge on the NHS if you suffer with certain medical conditions or are over a certain age. Coventry Health & Travel Clinic only offers the private flu vaccination at flexible times to suit your needs.

Pneumococcal Vaccination

We offer pneumococcal vaccination that provides immunity against pneumococcal disease. Pneumococcal disease is caused by bacteria and transmitted by aerosol, droplets or direct contact with someone’s respiratory secretions like saliva carrying the bacteria. The bacteria can cause sinus inflammation, ear infection and spread to cause pneumonia and meningitis. Pneumococcal disease peaks around winter months and vaccination can help protect against this disease, we offer this vaccination for patients aged 65 years and older.


Shingles is caused by a virus called herpes zoster that normally occurs due to the reactivation of a previous viral infection. Shingles causes intensely painful rash areas with associated tingling and numbness of skin and intense itching. The rash typically lasts between two to four weeks. Following the rash, persistent pain at the site can develop and seen most often with older people. Coventry health clinic offers Shingles vaccination to patients aged 50 years and older to help avoid potential shingles related infection and complications.

Occupational Health Vaccinations

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic provides vaccinations for occupational health needs like Hepatitis B. It is important all workers who are potentially exposed to blood and body fluids are appropriately vaccinated and protected from infections. We offer 10% off to all businesses requiring vaccinations for their workers where more than 5 people need vaccinating for occupation health. Contact our health clinic Coventry.

Other Services

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic offers various services that are available on the NHS but we understand sometimes it can be difficult to obtain appointments with doctors to suit your lifestyle schedule. We offer services with consultation charge of £10.00 alongside a charge for the cost of the medicine to provide an alternative route of access to many health care services. Coventry Health & Travel Clinic provide medicine and advice for:

Period Stop
We provide Norethisterone tablets to help you delay your period when it may not be convenient like when attending a wedding or for travel purposes

Oral Contraceptives
We provide oral combined hormonal contraceptive for patients to help control contraception for you. This is available free with the NHS but we understand sometimes you may not be registered with GP surgeries due to change of location like studying away at University.

We also provide a service for emergency contraception that can be purchased by a telephone consultation followed by delivery of the pill to your address.

Erectile Dysfunction
Coventry health clinic provides services for men’s personal health with medicines like sildenafil, tadalafil, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra for erectile dysfunction. We provide a confidential service and provide a comfortable environment for you to get advice and medicine to help with getting an erection.

Hair Loss
We provide the medicine Finasteride or branded Finasteride Propecia for hair loss in men. You can come and talk in comfort in a private and confidential appointment to help get hold of your hair loss problem.

We provide treatment for Chlamydia along as you provide us with evidence of a positive test result. Our health clinic provides confidential appointments so you feel comfortable when seeking treatment for your condition.

Hayfever can be an annoying condition trying to ruin our summer and spring fun. Coventry health clinic provides the prescription medicine Fexofenadine tablets to help fight off your hayfever symptoms. This is an antihistamine medication that works by blocking the histamine that causes the allergy symptoms.

Weight Loss
Coventry health clinic provide help with weight loss with Orlistat 120mg capsules treatment to help reduce fat absorption. We weigh you and check your BMI and then monitor treatment to ensure the medicine is working. It is important you also maintain a diet that is lower in calories, which further encourages weight loss.

Stop Smoking
Coventry health clinic offer stop smoking service that provides patients with the prescription medicine Varenicline (Champix). Varenicline helps reduce the urge to smoke and you must not be using any other stop smoking therapy like nicotine replacement medicines. We encourage you to be motivated to want to quit smoking and then we will help you with your journey with Varenicline treatment.