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Travel Health Clinic

Access the best prices for a full range of travel vaccinations including Hepatitis, Tetanus, Typhoid, Rabies, Japanese encephalitis, malaria tablets and more
Book in for last minute appointments including on the day, late evenings and weekends
Call or email us to have a FREE telephone travel consultation

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Immunisation Clinic

Access various immunisations at our private clinic
Chicken Pox vaccination available for patients over 1 year old requiring two injections over 8 weeks
HPV vaccination available with 3 injections given over 6 months with discounts available when you purchase all 3 injections together
Access vaccinations for Shingles, Pneumococcal and Flu

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Business Vaccinations

We offer vaccinations for businesses allowing you to protect your employees with the flu jab and various travel vaccinations
Our pharmacist can travel to your workplace and vaccinate your employees offering you ease and convenience

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Occupational Health Vaccinations

We offer occupational health vaccinations with Hepatitis B vaccination
We can provide your employees with a standard, accelerated or rapid vaccine schedule to help meet their protection needs

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Mobile vaccinations

We offer an exclusive mobile vaccinations service
Our pharmacist can travel to you and vaccinate you! Have your vaccinations in convenience and comfort.

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Buy Over-The-Counter Medicines

You can purchase pharmacy medicines online safely with our partners MyDrugs Online Pharmacy

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We offer the best priced vaccination service


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Travel Clinic Coventry & Coventry Immunisations

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic is an independent private run pharmacy providing travel services and immunisations. We are pharmacist operated in a family run set up to help provide a real personalised travel clinic and immunisation service.

Our clinic looks to provide an alternative route of access to travel jabs and immunisations in a residential surrounding away from the hustle and bustle. You can relish parking on our drive for free and enjoy no waiting room as you walk straight into our private consultation room for your dedicated appointment time.

Some of the travel vaccines we offer are not available with your GP on the NHS like Rabies, Japanese encephalitis, Chicken Pox vaccine and Malaria tablets. Some vaccines may be available like Typhoid, Tetanus and Hepatitis A but unfortunately it can be difficult to obtain an instant appointment or even a convenient appointment to suit your work or life schedule

Our aim is to innovate and bring patients a completely different model of private pharmacy care providing overall better health care access. We provide a private and confidential appointment base service for our patients requiring immunisations or looking for last minute travel vaccinations before their trip away.

You can call, email or even text us to start your free travel consultation or gain the advice you need for the immunisations you require. We will provide travel vaccinations and immunisations at cost effective prices, flexible times and overall convenience.

Travel Vaccinations & Malaria Tablets

Travel vaccinations and malaria tablets are vital to help ensure you protect your health whilst you are away. Call or email us to begin your free travel consultation with us over the phone. Together we will establish which vaccines are recommended according to your travel destination. Our travel clinic with its unique set up unlike other commercial pharmacies can help give you a convenient appointment; this can be early morning, late evening or even a weekend. We offer the best prices travel vaccinations to ensure you save your money to spend on your holidays. Get In touch with our travel clinic Coventry to find out more

HPV vaccination

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus associated with genital warts and certain cancers in both men and women. Coventry Health and travel clinic offers HPV vaccination for women aged 12 to 45 years old and men aged 12 to 26 years old. We offer Gardasil vaccine that protects against HPV types 16 and 18 which causes majority of cervical cancers and HPV types 6 and 11 that cause the majority of all genital warts. We also offer Gardasil 9 vaccine that contains an additional 5 HPV types. The HPV vaccination requires three doses to complete the course, and we look to provide HPV vaccination at flexible appointment times to suit your needs. Book your HPV vaccination and pay all 3 vaccinations at once to save with our discount available. HPV vaccination in Coventry book now by calling or emailing us.

Chicken pox vaccination

Chicken pox vaccination helps protect against the virus varicella zoster that is the cause of chicken pox. The chicken pox vaccine is a live vaccine and works by stimulating your immune system against chicken pox by producing antibodies. The chicken pox vaccine contains a weakened and a small amount of chicken pox that is enough to help build immunity. Coventry health and travel clinic offers the chicken pox vaccine to children over 1 year old with two vaccinations spaced out over 4 weeks. Our clinic offers this vaccination at a cost effective price in a perfect environment for your child where you have the entire clinic to yourself and plentiful time. Get in touch to enquire about the chicken pox vaccination

Business Vaccinations

Are you a small, medium or large business requiring vaccination services? Coventry Health & Travel Clinic provides business vaccinations for various purposes. Whether you require vaccinations for business travellers or you need employee flu vaccinations we have you covered. We provide an exclusive mobile vaccination service for businesses at cost effective prices. Our pharmacist can travel to your workplace and vaccinate your employees. So if you need business flu vaccinations or business travel vaccinations call or email us to find out more

Occupational Health Vaccinations

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic provides vaccinations for occupational health needs like Hepatitis B. It is important all workers who are potentially exposed to blood and body fluids are appropriately vaccinated and protected from infections. Need occupational health vaccinations like hepatitis B? We provide hepatitis B vaccinations for occupational health in a standard, accelerated and rapid schedule to help meet your employee’s protection needs. We can travel to your work place and vaccinate your employee’s for occupational health vaccinations like Hepatitis B. Bulk discounts for occupational health vaccinations are available. To find out more about occupational health vaccinations please contact us

Mobile Vaccination service

Coventry Health & Travel Clinic provides an exclusive mobile vaccination service. Our travel clinic Coventry can bring vaccinations to you, saving you time and offering you convenience. Our pharmacist can travel to you and vaccinate you to help protect you with travel vaccinations. This service incurs a small travel fee and requires certain terms to be met. To enquire more about having travel vaccinations come to you, please contact us via email or telephone.